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We have a range of vehicles on call all week to suit your delivery needs, ranging from short wheel base vans to our popular mega luton. For more information about how to deliver an item or multiple items from A-B feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

Multi-drop delivery in London

Multi-drop delivery services in London are the most preferred removal/delivery services because they are quite affordable. They entail a single driver making deliveries of parcels and goods of all sizes and shapes for different customers at the same time, to different locations including homes and businesses. Multi-drop delivery drivers have the required training and experience to ensure that they are making deliveries and pickups on time every time and that their services are professional and dependable. The most important things in multi-drop delivery are to ensure that the parcels or goods arrive at their destination in good shape and on time.

The best kind of delivery driver to work with should be able to:

Plan his routes well

Multi-drop deliveries are not usually done in the same route; therefore a driver should be able to plan his routes well. This should be well done to ensure that collections and deliveries are done on time. Drivers who are experienced with these kinds of deliveries are the best to work with, because they are already familiar with various routes and they know how best to plan their collections and deliveries to accomplish their goals on time.

Complete his paperwork

A well trained multi-drop delivery driver should be able to complete his paperwork perfectly and on time in order to keep a good record of all his past deliveries. Being organized is also important for anyone that wants to deliver efficient services at all times. With clear records, he will not miss any delivery even when he has many to make in just one route.

Conduct vehicle and parcel checkups

Delivery drivers are usually well trained, not just in making deliveries but also in checking the parcels they are delivering to ensure that they are in perfect condition before dropping them off. They should also be able to regularly check their vehicles and ensure that they are working perfectly at all times. This way, collections and deliveries will always be done on time.

Make collections and deliveries on time

Multi-drop delivery in London should be done by drivers who are willing and able to serve their clients when they are needed. An on-call driver will be able to make collections and deliveries at the exact time the clients need the services. He should also be able to keep an open communication with his clients, updating them on deliveries if need be, to create a trustworthy relationship during service delivery.

Provide the best customer service

The most important thing in this industry is customer service, which is also paramount in multi-drop deliveries. People are always looking for a service deliverer that will serve them well, with a smile and professionalism. This is what they should get from their multi-drop delivery driver.

Big yellow Express offers exceptional multi-drop deliveries in London. The company has a wide range of vehicles on call all week, in different sizes, to suit different needs of clients. Contact them today for more information on how their multi-drop deliveries are done and get ready to enjoy reliable, efficient and affordable removal/delivery services.


"I must commend the driver that assisted with my luggage from Diver to London. He was very friendly, organised and smart on the job. He did an excellent job. Well recommended. Sent from my iPhone"

Tolu Bajomo 24/08/2017

"Very good service, goods were collected and delivered as requesting in my job posting, would definitely recommend."

Jennife206 04/04/2013

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