How to choose a budget friendly Man and Van company

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You finally found your dream home or are a step closer to it. It is an exciting adventure that comes with a looming panic; moving is quite stressful for most people. Hiring a moving company is almost inevitable, which means parting with some good cash. However, you can still manage to save a dime as you hire a professional and reputable moving company. Here’s how to choose a budget-friendly man and van company and get maximum value for your money;

  • Licensed; This is the most crucial factor .Be sure to choose a company with a comprehensive insurance policy. Confirm they have an active transacting licence. You can either visit their premises to look or check online. Accidents are unplanned for and it is an emergency you need to have covered for. Ask what happens if movement is delayed for some hours or even a day. What’s their time limit on insurance claiming after the move? Check whether high value possessions are covered. There are policies that set limits for some items.
  • What you pay is what you get; in most cases, the cheaper option is not always the best option. You need to do your homework, research on what’s behind the different rates. However, various firms are just focused on big profit margins so you have to be thorough. You can choose to pack and load some items yourself, which may help you save. Remember, what you pack is not insured for, so keep off the breakables.
  • Compare and contrast; this will apply if you are moving to a different part of the country. Check your new place’s rates as they might be more competitive. Asking for an estimate breakdown will make the comparison more accurate. Check how much you will be paying for hourly rate, insurance, mileage, packing, storage costs and also the overtime rates. This will help you make an informed choice.

budget friendly man and van company in London

  • Modern equipment; It is a requirement for man and van companies like Big Yellow Express to equip and also train their workers. Ensure you choose a well equipped company. Some companies have high rates and still use old rusty tools. Make sure the price matches the tools used. Look for photos on their sites for the kind of machines they use.
  • Vans; Lorries used should suit your needs. The distance travelled and sensitivity of your belongings is a major concern. Don’t use a small van only to go to and fro your old and new places a couple of times. This will only make it all a frustrating process. The vans will mostly be parked outside the company’s premises, so you can physically go and check it out. Ensure they can cope with rough roads, sharp bends and steep gradients depending on the area and condition of the roads used.
  • Personnel; as a client, you have the right to know if the employees are trained on using the tools and on latest techniques. Make sure the company is well invested in their crew. You want to ensure fragile items are well protected and there is no damage caused in the transit. Ensure the driver is experienced and well conversant with the area to avoid extra mileage charges. You can watch their YouTube videos in action and rate their professionalism. If you trust their expertise in getting the job done, then you can hire them.
  • Reputation; How effective is the company when hired to get the job done? Some companies will make promises and end up doing some shoddy work. Ask from neighbours, friends or even check the reviews on the company’s website. Recommendations will help you know who is most reliable. How a company handles a client matters. Good customer service and effective communication reflects a lot. Reputable companies will be willing to share contacts of previous clients to hear it from them. If they are somewhat hesitant, then move on to the next one. That’s a red flag!

How to choose a budget friendly Man and Van company

  • Affordability; Focus on companies with average to high rates. Go for the company whose main objective is to give the best customer experience. They are not only focused on profits .Agree on all charges prior to moving to avoid incurring hidden fees. Get quotes from several companies and compare.
  • Flexibility; Firms that visit your home rather than making an estimate over the phone take the upper hand. They might offer further advice after a visit and give a more exact figure. If a visit is not possible, be as accurate and honest on your list of possessions for a more accurate quote. Ensure all your requirements are met.

If implemented, the above tips, you will have a speedy and effective movement without having to sell a kidney. Planning early will give you enough time to do your research. Choosing a man and van company has never been easier!


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