Which Removal Van Do You Need for Move?


Choosing the right van for your moving process is not easy. If you get the wrong size and kind of trailer, all the other factors may end up being ruined. Also, it may cost you a lot, for example, if you select a small van, there could be the need to go for several trips before all your items are moved. If the company charges based on the hours spent, you will end up paying a lot for the services. This is unlike getting the ideal size which will have all your items fit and in just one trip, you are done.

The man and van companies have come in as saviours to help people save on time and money. They are also good for reducing the stress that comes with moving from one place to the next. You can leave the whole process to them and rest assured that your items will arrive at the intended destination, safe and on the agreed time frame. However, you must understand that the companies have different kind of cars which are designed for different purposes. Here is a look at the types of the vans.

  • Parcel vans – These are used for carrying small items. They are the best for individuals who wish to make small deliveries such as gifts or office item deliveries
  • Tractor trail –These vans are big and can carry lots of things. They are ideal for individuals who wish to transport bulky goods, for example, a warehouse
  • City vans – These vans mostly operate in the middle of the cities or urban areas. They are mainly used for carrying luggage. For example, if you wish to have a getaway or vacation and do not want to use your car, or you do not have one, the city vans will do
  • Straight trucks –These are most ideal for anyone who wishes to move their house. They are large enough to carry heavy equipment and furniture

Now that you have an idea of the different kind of vans to expect from a man and van company, here are tips that can help you choose the right one primarily based on the size of the car depending on what you want them to move for you.

  1. Consider the cubic feet per van

Every van is designed to hold a specific number of items. They are mostly measured in cubic feet. The cubic feet measurements include the whole open space of the van’s storage area, which is from bottom to the roof. You will need to be an expert at packing to be able to pack the truck fully without leaving any spaces to ensure that all the cubic feet measurements are occupied. That can be hard, and therefore, the best way is to go for a bit larger van than what you want.

  1. Consider the items you want to be moved

It would be better if you presented your needs to the man and Van Company first as this will help them offer you the different van options that might be ideal for you. To do this, you must calculate and estimate the size of the items that the van will be carrying. For example, they can tell you that a 30-cubic foot van can hold up to four rooms’ furniture. So, what happens if you have only two rooms? They will offer you a smaller trailer and if you have five rooms, they may give you a larger option. However, these are just approximation, and therefore you should not settle on the exact measurement. Go for a slightly larger truck. Also, if you are selecting a van based on the number of rooms you have, you must know that the amount of rooms the van can hold depends on the number of items each room holds.

Selecting the right size of the truck is crucial for a smooth and effective moving experience, but it is never as easy as you may think. Failure to get the right van could lead to disaster.

  • If you realise that the van is small on a moving day, you will have to unload the whole truck and look for a larger one. This will lead to time wastage.
  • A very large van is not good. Too much space may cause the items to be tossed around especially when the van is moving at high speed which can break and damage them.

Hire a man and van company and let the professionals help you in decision making. Once you present your needs, they can advise you accordingly. They are well knowledgeable about the vans and their capacity more than you are. They can quickly do the calculations for you and eventually, you will end up getting what is right for your moving process based on the amount of the items that need to be move.


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